Weekly guided meditations
to help you feel deeply rested and able to manage life’s challenges.

Transform your world
from the inside out!

Like a love song for your mind, body and heart

these tender, nourishing guided audio journeys will help you:

Cultivate more meaning, purpose and happiness in life

Soothe your nervous system, sleep better, and enjoy more ease and wellbeing

Experience deeper and more harmonious relationships (with yourself, others and the world around you).


a place of inherent wisdom and peace within you
a place of spacious, nourishing presence
a place of inspiration and empowerment
a place of deep connectedness and belonging

Membership Benefits

  • Soothe and support your nervous system
  • Feel more at ease and improve your sleep
  • Spend more time in the present moment
  • Cultivate authentic relationships with self and others
  • Build resilience and flexibility
  • Live in deeper alignment with your inner knowing

Choose your focus

 and a journey to match!

Want to rest or unwind? Refresh or energize? Feel connected and whole? Deepen your awareness of the present moment? Make room for hard things? Cultivate a more aligned, meaning-filled life?

Monthly themes

A new and inspiring theme each month for the weekly guided journeys!

A range of styles

and many paths to the top of the mountain

Four powerful and synergistic styles of inner journeys to choose from.

Sacred Sound

Soothe your nervous system, open your ears, and surrender to the sweet heart-warming sounds

Yoga Nidra

Rest your body and mind, and shift your relationship with challenging thoughts and emotions


Feel grounded in the present moment and learn to welcome whatever is arising just as it is

Holding Space

Discover a tender, nourishing space for deep connection, reflection, digestion and growth

I am an artist, musician, yogi, meditator, facilitator and guide, and a seeker of the more beautiful world my heart knows is possible.

I’m passionate about offering practices and creating spaces where we can hear our own hearts. Where we can be present for ourselves, others and the world around us with openness, curiosity, flexibility and warmth. Where we are welcome as our authentic selves — with all of our imperfections, challenges, and old stories, as well as our gifts, passions, longings and dreams!

I envision, design, write and record all of these journeys in my sunny little studio in rural Nova Scotia, Canada.

This membership is for you if:

Try a sample journey

I offer a range of styles, lengths and focuses. Here is a short sample.

  1. Mindful Moment An Inner Journey with Heidi Kalyani 6:03

This is a short mindfulness journey designed to be practiced whenever you feel the need to ground, reconnect and be present. Using the four steps (PAUSE, OBSERVE, WELCOME and CONNECT) you can also practice this mindful moment on your own without the recording. Download the pocket-sized printable PDF to remind you of the sequence!

  • 6 min
  • reminder card (PDF)
  • mindfulness
  • awakening, noticing, opening, inspiring

Want to try more before you decide?

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Membership Details

Crescent Moon

$15 /month

maximum flexibility
great trial option
recurring monthly payment

Paid Monthly
$15 /month

Full Moon

$12.50 /month

best price
a deep and lasting journey
one-time payment

1 Year Prepaid
$150 /year

Half Moon

$13.33 /month

the middle path
a blend of price and flexibility
recurring payment

6 Months Prepaid
$80 /half year

Ready to join?

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If you have a question about the MEMBERSHIP, please read through these FAQs.

If the answer to your question is not here, please contact me and I will get back to you soon!

The Inspiring Inner Journeys membership is an online subscription that provides a weekly guided audio journey designed to help you navigate from surviving to thriving through authentic connection with yourself, others and the world around you. A subscription provides access to the membership portal on this website, with new weekly journeys, a library of previous and bonus journeys, plus downloadable resources to support your journey. As part of your membership, you will receive a weekly email notice to let you know when your new journey is ready!

  • joining a membership (rather than taking a course or workshop) helps you stay consistent and committed to your own transformation even during challenging times
  • the membership invites you to experience a range of styles including:
    • Sacred sound practices (singing bowls, gongs, deep listening and lullabies)
    • Yoga nidra guided meditation (including iRest®)
    • Mindfulness practices (including ACT)
    • Holding space
  • enjoy access to supportive guided practices on your own schedule, and in your own time zone!

Everything is delivered through the membership portal! After you log in, you will be able to access all of the inner journeys for the current month AND all of the previous months (even before you joined)! You can access the membership portal from your computer, tablet or smartphone. And to support you in your weekly practice, I send an email at the start of each week to encourage and inspire you!

a computer or mobile device (with headphones or speakers)
  • between 5 and 35 minutes per week to experience the journeys
  • a quiet space relatively free from distractions
  • a comfy meditation cushion, chair, sofa, or bed
  • a journal and pen (optional)
  • a username and password (provided when you join!)

No problem! Each audio journey is available in the LIBRARY for as long as your membership is active.

Absolutely! Each audio journey is available in the LIBRARY and is accessible whenever you want to hear it, as many times as you like!

No worries! The inner journeys in this membership are guided and easy to follow. No special experience is needed. Simply find a comfortable place to be, and follow the invitations on the recording. But if you are looking for some tips and suggestions to get you started, I have included a short introduction to each of the practice styles (sacred sound, iRest yoga nidra, mindfulness and holding space) in the RESOURCES section of the membership.

The buttons above are set up to accept payment via PayPal, or credit card. If The buttons above are set up to accept payment via PayPal, or credit card. If you would like another option (such as e-transfer, let me know!). The Crescent Moon and Half Moon options are recurring subscription options where your card will be billed once a month (for Crescent Moon) or every six-months (for Half Moon) on the same day you initially joined (you can cancel at any time). The Full Moon option is a one-time payment.

You can cancel your membership subscription (Crescent Moon and Half Moon options) at any time and you will not be billed for the following monthly or half-yearly cycle. Refunds are not available for partial months or years. The Full Moon option is a one-time payment, with no recurring subscription.

You can learn more about me here: MY STORY