Experience a deep sense of presence, peace and wellbeing.

Explore my collection of heart opening practices and feel more connected to yourself, others and the world around you.

These powerful inner journeys can help you cultivate the stillness, spaciousness and awareness needed to fully hear the voice of your heart!

A tonic for your nervous system.

In addition to (re)connecting you with your heart, these restorative inner journeys are a powerful way to build resilience and wellbeing by regulating your autonomic nervous system.

“The nervous system is a sending-and-receiving hub for information that helps us safely navigate our daily lives.” — Deb Dana

Using simple, yet powerful tools, these practices will help you discover ways to regulate your nervous system, deepen your inner knowing and connection with self, and begin living the life you want to live!

Benefits of these practices:

  • reduced stress and anxiety
  • greater ability to sleep well
  • improved social and emotional engagement
  • more flexibility and resilience
  • less reactivity
  • stronger sense of purpose and clarity
  • deeper connection with self


Learn to welcome all emotions, thoughts and sensations in life just as they are, while cultivating a greater sense of spaciousness, presence and ease.

iRest is a simple, accessible, trauma-sensitive form of guided meditation derived from the ancient tradition of yoga nidra. It offers tools to deal with difficult situations skillfully, and to develop a deep and secure sense of ease and wellbeing no matter what is happening in life.

Practicing iRest can help you deeply relax, release stress, restore your nervous system, increase resiliency, and nourish qualities such as joy, peacefulness, empathy, equanimity and loving-kindness toward yourself and others.

My offerings include courses, 1-1 coaching and workplace sessions. Available in person or online.

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Experience the nourishing, connecting and transformative power of singing… and the blissful silence that complements it!

“Freeing our voice through song and chant also frees our body and our heart.” — Silvia Nakkach

Kirtan is an ancient Indian yogic tradition of singing from the heart. Discover the energizing and clarifying power of this beautiful and powerful practice. Nurture your heart, your voice and your nervous system while you cultivate deeper connections with yourself, others and the world around you.

No previous experience with singing or meditation is needed. In person only (Nova Scotia, Canada).

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Are you feeling disconnected? Confused? Overwhelmed?

Maybe your heart is asking to be heard!

THE HEART is the keeper of what matters to us (our vision and values), our emotions, and our deepest inner knowing.
But its gifts can easily be buried or drowned out by exhaustion, social conditioning and trauma.
The practices I offer can help you cultivate the stillness, spaciousness and awareness needed to fully hear the voice of your heart!

This digital card deck offers 52 playful practices to help you slow down and deeply welcome the voice of your heart, so you can find more authentic, nourishing, meaningful connection, clarity, and ease in life!

USING THE DECK: Draw cards as a daily or weekly practice. Explore them as journal or creative writing prompts. Share them with your students or group gatherings. Offer them in your coaching sessions. Or savour them, when needed, as inspiration and motivation to connect with your heart!

Available for phone and tablet from DECKIBLE.

Connection. Reimagined.

Deepen and demystify the art of creating safer spaces – one card at a time!

In the heart•space model of facilitation there are six pathways to connection, and this deck places each of them (plus thirty-six empowering embodiment practices) at your fingertips so you can begin to harness their transformative power one card at a time!

This deck is ideal for:
coaches, counsellors, yoga instructors, healers, teachers, facilitators, event organizers, leaders, managers, caregivers, mentors, change-makers or anyone else who is passionate about building safer spaces.

USING THE DECK: Draw a single card for inspiration, select a handful of cards to increase your comfort level and proficiency, create a full hex-shaped layout to explore a specific challenge, or choose a card to share as an opening circle, journal prompt or discussion topic with your clients, staff, students or participants.

48 hex-shaped cards. (The digital deck includes detailed descriptions and journal prompts).

Available for phone and tablet from DECKIBLE.

Also available as a printed physical deck (limited quantities remaining). $40 plus shipping.

When I listen to my heart I know what to do.